Angst, From the Rhode

Do you sprint up the basement steps because there is definitely someone following you? Can you literally not even in an elevator? Do you suffer from nomophobia (pretty sure you do)? 

Then Terrifyingly Beautiful is for you. 

Terrifyingly Beautiful is Rhode Island pod-meisters Kevin O'Connell and David Robert, discussing their anxieties. Things that keep them up all night, or prevent them from fully enjoying a barbecue, or an airplane flight, or a hotel (or, gag, a salad bar). Their anxieties turn out to be all of our anxieties, and everyone can identify.

Kevin and David are podcast GOLD, right here in the Ocean State.

Simultaneously neurotic and carefree, our intrepid hosts devote each episode to a particular source of anxiety (and they have many).  Hilarity ensues. Along with Tootie, the resident chihuahua, sitting atop her Brittany Spears pillow, these two bff's launch into the worry du jour and then they elaborate with a delivery that makes you think that you're on some pub patio with two friends you've known for years (sometimes, I catch myself almost answering them). 

Every so often, they pause and remind us that the real purpose of their podcast is to take away the stigma of anxiety and to show us that we are not alone--and they do that, in the most disarming and entertaining way. Then they go back to bickering and discussing the horrors of their childhood basements and the evils of dolls.

Among my personal favorites include The Bridge to Terrorbithia, in which K & D discuss their issues with bridges, and Granny Smith's in the Basement and Flowers in the Attic, which is just what it sounds like. I live in an old house with a terrifying Blair Witch-esque basement, and they feel my pain. And I have forgiven them for the controversial We Hate Everyone Named Melissa, because it made me laugh until I cried. 

I always get a second round of cackling when I see their post-episode Instagram pics. A picture says a thousand words, and their pictures kill me every time. And what is the best thing about Terrifyingly Beautiful? It is born and bred in Rhode Island. 

If you have not listened to the podcast yet, you've got some catching up to do. Terrifyingly beautiful can be found here, and also on iTunes. Check them out on Facebook and follow them on Instagram (@terrifyinglyb) and Twitter

Don't forget to check out Terrifyingly Beautiful  merch

Don't forget to check out Terrifyingly Beautiful merch