September Bucket List


Saturdays may be for The Boys, but September is for the Bucket. 

On September 4, the city kicks off its first Restaurant Week. The list is long (count 'em--thirty-two!), and it includes some favorites that need no introduction--but also a lot of places that are not your favorites--YET. Rhode Island is more ethnically diverse than ever, and Pawtucket is on the forefront of bringing us food that is both world class and world-wide. 

Just a few wide-appealing faves include Rasoi, Garden Grille, and Pho Horn's

But also included are Pawtucket-insider favorites Bella Pasta (Italian, recommended by a friend at least ten years ago); 10 Rocks Tapas Bar (Cape Verdean cuisine); Las Delicias de mi Tierra (Colombian); and Galito Restaurant (Portuguese).

If you are one of those folks who needs to tell your friends that you discovered that one, brand-new place first, the new Brick Oven on Main is opening in about one hour. And my personal mission (because I'm not one of said folks, having gotten over myself) is to finally get to the Hungry Goat's Kitchen.

Also in September, the Pawtucket Arts Festival returns, better than ever. There is too much good here to describe, but some beautiful traditions include the Chinese Dragon Boat Races and the many art showings, music and theater performances that have made the Arts Festival the best such fest in RI for nineteen years now.

Oh, and during all of this food and arts insanity, the PawSox will be playing some home games, the insane Pawtucket brewery scene (the Bucket Brewery being just one) will be a-brewing, the new Wage House Theater will be improv-ing--and the city will be doing its awesome, Bucket Thing. 

Look no further than Pawtucket this September. Between the two major goings on in the city, and the normal, everyday (and night) fabulousness, you won't have time to for anything else.