Boundary Brewhouse, you had me at a FLIGHT OF BACON.

Yeah, that’s right. But more on that later.

The RI Food Fights Burger Blowout is in full swing, y’all. This month, I will be visiting every participating burger-meister, and reporting back here.

I'm doing the Lord's work.

On this rainy, floody Cinco de Mayo, we found ourselves at the door of 67 Garrity Street, in Pawtucket. Located just off Newport Avenue, next to a trailer park, the restaurant was a long-ago rollerskating rink where hundreds of Pawtucket and Attleboro kids once skated to the Bee Gees under the disco ball on Saturday nights. Between Bobby’s Rollaway and now, it has been a series of several other unmemorable restaurants and function halls. We were tired. My date, P, wasn’t feeling well. We needed an un-fussy place where would blend into the wall. We had no idea what to expect.

food fights.jpg

We seated ourselves in the bar area (and the Boundary Brewhouse is pretty much all bar area). Our server, Zach (whose name I am probably misspelling--sorry, Z) was friendly, without being all up in our grill. In the large room just adjacent, an old movie played on a mural-sized TV screen, and a pool table and several Corn Hole platforms waited for players.

The featured burgers for Burger Blowout participants are the Smoke House Burger and the PB&J--but customizing the burgers is fine also. My date and I both ordered the Smoke House (mine without the bun or cheese...don’t ask). Zach explained that the PB&J involved a blueberry jam made from the blueberries that had been used for infusing vodka. It sounded interesting, but the Smoke House--topped with slices of beef brisket, thick cut bacon, smoked gouda, onions, and BBQ--sauce sounded better.

While we waited for our burgers, the Flight of Vodkas and Flight of Bacon arrived. If there had been one more Flight of Something on the menu, I’d have been annoyed, but they knew when to say when. Two pieces each of a variety of house-made bacon (eight pieces total)--bacon coated with coffee, blueberry jam, and two other flavorings. Each one was more ridiculous than the last. The Flight of Vodkas was also reason enough to go to this place--a trio of fruit-infused vodkas, each topped with a little bit of sparkling wine.

The burgers arrived and they were exactly what the doctor ordered. Served on little, paper-lined, metal trays, with a side of very good fries, they were cooked perfectly, creative without trying too hard, and just delicious. In fact, one of the main topics of conversation was, “Oh my God, these burgers. So good. Who knew this place was here?”

Who knew, indeed.

burger with bun.jpg

We may be a week into it now, but if you have not bought your passports yet, it is well worth doing. Nineteen burgers, all over RI, for $20. Being forced to stumble into places like the Boundary Brewhouse--priceless.


Boundary Brewhouse; 67 Garrity St.; Pawtucket,, RI;

Boundary Brewhouse; 67 Garrity St.; Pawtucket,, RI;