A Most Excellent Breakfast


 Caution: spoilers ahead.

Spoiler: Yes, it is beyond excellent. Go there as soon as possible. Get anything on the menu, but be sure to get a side of bacon.

View from the counter.

View from the counter.

A few weeks ago, a Little Bird told me that a lovely young woman had just opened a new breakfast place in Burrillville, and that it was going to be terrific. This morning, I drove all the way up there to check it out.

Excellent Breakfast is a shot of hot sauce in the Northern RI breakfast landscape (literally--there are bottles of hot sauce and Sriracha on every table). Sleek, white and black, bare-walled, with a high window into the kitchen, this little space is busy but relaxed, stylish but not pretentious. A group of young servers buzz around the nine (large booth) tables and four counter stools, refilling coffee and delivering some fine looking breakfasts with friendly efficiency. The soundtrack today--think WBRU (rip) on a Sunday evening/a Childish Gambino slow jam--is just loud enough to hear and just right.

It's a place where you want to hang out.

Bonus points for never trying to make "eggs-celent" happen.


But How is the Food?

The two-page menu is simple--you will not find pages and pages of swinging-from-the-chandeliers, mile-high overkill. It’s a traditional variety of eggs, omelets, French toast, pancakes, and sweets, all elevated and special--with a few beautiful twists, like eggs over polenta, and eggs over white beans.

It’s all about the quality here, and Excellent Breakfast keeps it local. Customers can see the sources of everything from coffee to meat to syrup on the black and white board which hangs across from the serving counter. Excellent Breakfast takes dietary restrictions very seriously, offering more than a few gluten-free items and not messing around with allergens.

The coffee is bottomless and smooth and perfect--I wanted to take some to go. One of the servers said that the Farmer’s Omelet (bacon, ham, sausage, cheese…) was very popular, and I overheard two nearby customers order it while I was there. But I ordered the eggs and hash, suspecting that the house made hash was actually house made (spoiler: oh, it is). A side of bacon is a single slab-thick slice of the most mouthwatering bacon in recent memory, and is worth a visit all by itself. I enjoyed it all thoroughly, but when I saw a wide bowl of eggs and beans go by, I had a pang of FOMO and wished I had ordered that instead. 

The only thing wrong with Excellent Breakfast is that it is not located within walking distance of my house. But Harrisville is not that far away, and at this time of year, it’s a beautiful drive. If we Rhode Islanders can get over our inferiority complex and take our place as one of the country’s best food cities/states, then we can get over our violent aversion to more than fifteen minutes travel, am I right?

Spoiler: I am.


How Do You Get There?

You get there ASAP.

Excellent Breakfast, 218 Harrisville Main St., Harrisville, 02830

On Harrisville's main drag, just around the corner from the waterfall.