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I never leave RI

She is known for a legendary unwillingness to relocate, and a complete willingness to travel far and wide for the perfect lobster roll (hint: it’s right in our backyard). She will complain bitterly about the corruption and the potholes, but she’ll throw down if you disrespect the Ocean State. She loves the hot, new places, but she knows that it’s often the not-hot, not-new places that make RI special.

With a motley crew of relatives and friends, she is on a year-round field trip from Westerly to Woonsocket (and all 1212 square miles in between). She is getting out, getting lost, seeing what’s new, returning to some old places to see if they’re still there, still good, and if youse guys still remember them. She will do All of the Things in the name of research--trails, ghosts, bikes, history, art, food...anything that her friends put her up to.

Do It in the Rhode is the labor of love of a RI zealot.  And if you’re reading this, you’re invited--let's go! 


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